This time… in front of the camera, not behind it

As an Art Director, I’m usually the one behind the camera, next to the photographer, consulting on a shoot to make sure the artistic vision is met. This fall, I found myself in front of the lens with several other non-pro talent and a few professional models. What a fun day! It was very interesting to spend it “on the other side of the creative fence” taking direction on how to sit and act and not be the one giving it.

I can tell you from experience, the more people you have in a photo shoot, the more difficult it is to get good shots. Each person has to be doing the correct thing at the exact same time. The more people you have, the more exponentially difficult this is. As a testament to the smooth vibe in the room, the shoot was pulled off in about eight hours total. In the world of advertising photography, this is a very successful day!

I was actually bummed to be cast as the “power suit mom” because I’m trying so hard in real life to be the relaxed “sporty yoga mom!”

Photography: Heath Robbins    Art Direction and design: Digitas