Colleen is quoted in Graphic Design USA

The trade magazine, Graphic Design USA recently surveyed graphic designers for the May 2010 issue on typography trends in our industry and included questions on everything from how the recession is impacting our purchasing decisions to how online media is influencing type design. The question, “What would you tell a graphic design class about type?” inspired much response, including this published comment from Colleen: “Study the old school masters, know the fonts intimately, and why they were made the way they were. Then you can be free to experiment.”

The design community has a rich history of typography to mine, from Johannes Gutenberg inventing the moving type press in 1439, to the dawn of the Macintosh age of 1990. The last 20 years have seen changes in typography that are incredible — but that does not preclude anyone in our industry from not understanding the history, craft, and rationale of the very roots of trade: typography! So designers, new and seasoned — take a look back!